Where is Jesus Today?

“There are a great many people today who think that [faith in] Jesus is irrelevant in the modern context. I suspect these people are suffering from a modern madness caused by an ignorance of self and history. As we get to know ourselves, our deepest needs, and the history of humanity, the relevance of Jesus Christ to modern man becomes startlingly clear.”—Matthew Kelly

The Mass we celebrate for a small, baptized soul who left us before she was capable of sin is not a Requiem Mass. It is a “Mass of the Angels,” with a focus on confident joy.

A few years ago, I attended one of these Masses with grieving friends and family members, and I was particularly struck by the words of confidence and light that make up this rite. These stood in stark contrast to the darkness and the pain of loss that enveloped us.

At a Mass of the Angels, we thank God for a young life and sing “Alleluia.” Our loved one is with God. We know the Good News, and it is cause for celebration.

We do believe; help our unbelief.

Where is God? He is right here with us. He is calling us closer to him. When we are reeling from the pain of enormous losses, it can be excruciatingly hard to answer. We are crushed, broken, and sick with grief. Our small shoulders struggle beneath the weight of the cross.

But we need not answer for ourselves. It is at times like these that the Church herself answers for us—with a song. Her sweet clear voice cuts through the cold and the dark as she sings: Alleluia. With the patient, tireless trust of a child, she sings “Alleluia,” in the dark.

Action Step

Are we listening? Do we have faith enough to join the song?

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  • danna wanna

    I read Killing Jesus by O’reilly and it is very good and did more for my faith than anything. when “One” willingly sacrifices and has the faith to accept Roman crucifixation in order to redeem
    the people, you have to take note. Jesus could have avoided this brutal torture and death. crucifixation is absolutely horrendous.

  • Danny

    Our young daughter had a brain hemorrhage at the age of eight. I remember getting on my knees and pleading to God for a miracle, but it didn’t happen. How back than I confess I was not close to God like I was supposed to be but I did have faith. So even today after all this years I still struggle with the death of our daughter. I know for sure God heard my prayers and answer them. What I don’t know is was it God’s will that my daughter die, was it her appointed time, or my faith was not strong enough to save her?

  • Debi S

    Where is Jesus today? Where indeed? Everyday, we are bombarded with this news: a murder here, an uprising there, religious statues being vandalized, churches burned, earthquakes devastating an innumerable number of people, famine, severe poverty in America, the richest and most previleged country in the world, etc, etc.
    Where is Jesus, the God of mercy in all this?

    HE is with us, still leading us to the promised land, where there will be no more suffering and pain. Where with faith and love for Him, we will be rewarded with eternal life of laughter and contentment. I truly, truly believe in this inspite of my many questions about the Bible, our faith. Deep in my heart I know he will never abandon us because he said so: ” I will always be with you.” I hang on to those words for dear life, especially when I am in a questioning mode. During those times, I think the devil is toying with me, trying to shake my belief in the one, true, God.

    Sometimes we become complacent in our comfortable, secure lives, that we take God for granted. Sometimes we need to be jolted back to give him what is due him

    I will probably continue to ask questions and study more so I will be able to better my understanding of Him. Then and only then will I become a true follower and not merely a fan.

  • Debi S.

    I would like to share with you a prayer from the 3 minute retreat by Loyola Press.
    Jesus, grant me the grace to embrace and ponder
    on the seed you saw in me.

  • Lisa

    Danny, My heart aches for you – there is nothing so painful as the loss of a child…I too have experienced this – doubting my faith only left me more despondent…after time I found that I could only have faith after I worked through the anger. As I spent more time with God (even while being angry with Him) my only comfort came from trying to grasp that, in some small way, I was closer to God because He also lost His Son.My hope and prayer is that someday we will be together in heaven.

  • Beverlyann

    I also read this book and it was wonderful. I know i will read it again in the future. I highly recommend it.

  • Danny

    Thank You Lisa.