The Rabbi-Disciple Relationship: Wrap Up and Special Announcement

The end of the Year of Faith is not the end of our lives in Faith – it’s only the beginning. The conversation continues at


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Jeff Cavins

Jeff Cavins is the director of the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota. Over the past several years, he has dedicated his life to developing The Great Adventure, a practical, interactive Bible study system that enables students to understand the chronological flow of Sacred Scripture. Jeff holds an MA in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He resides with his wife, Emily, and their three daughters in Minnesota.

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  • pnkyB4brain

    How time flies! I cannot believe it has been a year since I began this quest to become the best Catholic I can be and to understand a bit more about my faith. Beginning with Sarah Christmyer and the 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge, I was afraid to post anything on the discussion page because those that posted at the very beginning knew so much more than I. Well, I was hooked from the first discussion. Then Thomas Smith with Living the Beatitudes came forth. What a tremendous program. We then went into Psalms: The School of Prayer. Ten Tough Catholic Questions of the Bible followed with your two series, Living Like Christ and The Rabbi-Disciple Relationship bringing up the rear and end to a spectacular year for me.
    Thank you all and thank you Ascension Press for allowing some outstanding thoughts from ordinary and extraordinary people cross the paths of so many individuals. I learned not only from the programs but from the people that wrote such wonderful thoughts using the discussion tab. A very special thank you to all! You have helped me see my strengths and weaknesses.
    May God hold you in the palm of His Hand and may the smile of God light you to glory.

  • Nona Po

    I, too, thank the Teaching Team of Ascension Press for their dedication in spreading the Good News all over the world. How we have learned so many things through them! All is grace! Thank you…thank you! Thank you, Susan and all those who have posted and those who have made it till the end…such faithfulness really draws my admiration for all of you. Till then!

  • DebraL

    Thank You Jeff Cavins for all that you do to bring us closer to Our Lord. I will say that through all my struggles this year, my faith has deepened. My biggest desire is to Love Our Lord With all My Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength. All you have done makes me realize that it is not that difficult to Love Our Lord we complicate things through all the business of our own lives. Thanks to all how have participated your comments really touch me but like pnkyB4brain says “I still have a long way to go.” But I will sit back and enjoy the ride. Till Then…. Many Blessings to you Jeff and Ascension Press.

  • Patricia Nelson

    Thank You Jeff for this last session I will be with you and all for the 10 minute STUDY May the GOOD LORD BLESS EVERYONE WHO contributed to this last GREAT YEAR OF FAITH STUDY
    I have been enlightened by all the teachings that were brought to us

  • Marianne

    Many thanks to Jeff, Sarah and all those at Ascension Press
    who dedicated their time and wisdom to enhancing this Year of Faith for us! It is awesome that this is not really the end, but we can continue our faith journey through your new web site

    I’ve already checked it out and it contains more Pearls of
    Wisdom for Catholics, like Jeff’s “Life is Like a Mist”… in other words, “life is short” as we learned in our study on the Epistle of St. James. And Sarah’s “Dancing or Suffocating?” (Oh,
    how I can relate!)

  • Nick

    What a wonderful year, thank you Jeff and the entire team at Ascension Press for our dedication. I have learned and experienced so much this year following all of the different sessions on diverse aspects of the bible and the Lord’s teachings.

    I also want to thank all those that contributed to the comment section. I have learned from then as well and now recognize many of the names and feel like I know them personally.

    May God bless you all.

  • jackie

    Thank you Jeff for your great job leading as to fall in love depper with Jesus Christ

  • Eric

    Great discussion but you had one error. St Kateri is not the first native American Saint. She is not even the first Native North American Saint. That honor belongs to another Saint. The first native American Saint was Juan Diego. Born in Mexico his native American name was Cuauhtlatoatzin, which means “One who talks like an eagle” Juan was canonized in July 2002.

  • Alan

    Thanks Jeff…….little upset… didn’t mention Asia as I am from Bangalore – India and currently doing the TGA …….never mind that slip…..praying for you and the entire team at ascension press…..any plans of visiting us in 2014 ????

  • Carol Engelbert

    I want to thank you Jeff and all of the team that has made this wonderful study successful. This whole study all year long has challenged me and also excited me. I have passed on this sight to many people in the US and beyond and my hope is that they took advantage of this wonderful gift. God Bless

  • Debi S.

    THANK YOU ASCENSION PRESS!!!!!! When we started a year ago, reading the Bible was a tedious chore. I did it because I needed to learn and understand the religion I was born to. I believed that if I will understand the WHYs more so than the HOWs I will be a better and more effective catholic. The YEAR was not easy. It required hard work dedication and discipline. I thought I won’t make it but the HOLY SPIRIt prevailed on me ( Someone I wasn’t familiar with then ) and now I really, really, and truly. truly know that God our Father is with me always in my shiny days and muddy days, He even helps me and guides me to clean up. I also furthered my studies and joined anybody that offered a chance fo me to continue my growth.
    Thank you also for inviting me to join you in further quest. My greatet dream is to be able to share all these treasures with the people in our barrio who simply doesn;t have the chance to bettter themselves like I did.
    The other wonderful thing is this: I can now defend my religion with solid, established truths. I know where to look for the answer in the Bible. I’m very happy for what I’ve become.
    So ASCENSION PRESS, we will share more happy trails in the future. May Our Lord continue to shed HIs grace on you ,Bless you til forever.
    Thank you very, very much. Maraming Salamat Po.