The Rabbi-Disciple Relationship: Part 4

There is no shortcut to knowing the voice of God. It comes from spending time with Him in prayer and in Scripture.


About the Author

Jeff Cavins

Jeff Cavins is the director of the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota. Over the past several years, he has dedicated his life to developing The Great Adventure, a practical, interactive Bible study system that enables students to understand the chronological flow of Sacred Scripture. Jeff holds an MA in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville. He resides with his wife, Emily, and their three daughters in Minnesota.

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  • Kristy

    I finally have a clear understanding of Lecio Divina! I am so excited to read scripture & see what word stands out to me. I always notice how once I am introduced to something new, I start to notice it everywhere. Meditating & focusing on one verse/word at a time, I’m sure I will notice things throughout my day that may have been before me all along, but I never seemed to be aware of Him speaking to me through them. I plan on being aware & on alert at all times throughout my day. Instead of finding “Waldo”, I will be finding Jesus! I can’t wait to hear his voice!

  • Adrian

    Lectio Divina is indeed an awesome way of approaching scripture known to many but practiced by a few and I can speak for myself. The riches of our faith can never be assessed on account of the length , breadth and depth to which we are endowed and thanks Jeff for once again reminding us of the tools at our disposal. I’d like to share briefly the daily word as applied to my practice of this wonderful tool today.

    Luke 15:1-10

    Lectio stage : Applying the daily liturgy for today November 7th the word value seemed to be the threaded theme that surfaced. While we learnt yesterday that Jesus ascribed a value to the act of following him today the focus is on what we value its assessment and application.

    Mediate : Coins the subject of the second parable has a value like all other coins and God places a value on that one drachma however low its monetary value. We are called to recognize even that seemingly small value and not waste it. Coins by nature can be lost and all the more coins of a very small value are easily misplaced because we do not place much value on it. The evil ones priority is to ensure that we place little value on ourselves so that we will lose ourselves.

    Prayer : Lord I raise my lost coins to you today and resolve to seek and find that lost value that you have so generously gifted to me

    Contemplate : Lord I thank you for leading me to the values that I may have neglected in the recent past, my prayer coin, my health coin and my spouse coin. Help me Lord find these coins so that I may more deeply relate to these values which I may have undermined in the recent times. As I contemplate I realize In today’s world we have placed little value on marriage and that’s why we are losing it, work comes before family no wonder we prosper while the family disintegrates ( do you see the devil working )

    To all my catholic brothers and sisters I pray a blessing of renewed faith that we may continue to draw from the riches of the church and witness to the value the true body of Christ has been ascribed with.

  • Adrian

    Hi Kristy these talks are so wonderful and the repository of faith so vast that I can’t help but share your excitement too. Happy scripture reading and praying !

  • pnkyB4brain

    After listening to you, Jeff, I opened the Bible and reflected on the night in Gethsemane and Jesus asked the 3
    apostles to pray that they not enter into temptation. Also I read about the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus taught people how to pray and how not to pray.

    After reading these segments, it was as if a tiny earthquake rocked my soul. I finally understood the Lectio Divina. All of a sudden my eyes seemed to have cracked open a door of my mind! My word, did that door creak ever so! I have been praying incorrectly for so many years, and on my terms, again.
    Thank you for reminding me of this wonderful conduit to “hear” God’s voice.

  • Milu

    Thank you Jeff for this inspiring talk. Lectio Divina has become so much clearer to me. I shall start right away to read and meditate with this your guidance.

  • donna g

    This is a late post as I just returned from traveling for my daughter’s wedding. The highligh fo the day was as Father praised them and expressed his joy in working with them as a couple who came to him with an understaning of the sacrament of marriage that he rarely see. Just had to share that…I learned about Lectio Divina over 5 years ago and I still feel like a novice as I practice it every morning with the daily readings.Today “You prove me”… struck me. at a time I needed the assurance to know God is with me always. I wrote about it prayed about it and as you said Jeff, I am keeping it in the background of my thoughts today.It quiets me and gives me peace feeling His love and presence as I hear His voice…”I know when you sit and when you stand”..