How Do I Become a Saint?

“The Christian life is the continuation and completion of the life of Christ in us.”—John Eudes, as quoted by Bert Ghezzi in Voices of the Saints

Today calls us to such joy! We celebrate all the holy men and women who have won the race and made it to heaven. Their example and intercession gives me hope that I can do it, too. But how do I continue Christ’s life through mine? How do I become a saint?

As an ordinary person, I may never be called to cloistered life or receive the stigmata. But, I can cheerfully get up fifteen minutes early to make my husband a cup of coffee, so he starts his day feeling loved. I can stop all my busy-ness to stop and look in my daughter’s eyes while she tells me about the picture she just drew, so she feels acknowledged and appreciated. I can let the sleep-deprived new mom standing behind me in the grocery store go ahead of me, so she can have a moment of relief in the midst of a crushingly exhausting day. When I die to myself in these small ways to make a gift of myself to others, I choose to continue Christ’s life in the world, while I hope and pray with the communion of saints that he will complete his life in me one day in heaven.

Action Step:

On this Solemnity of all Saints, take a moment to contemplate how you can make a gift of yourself to others. How can you be Christ to those in your life today? How can you serve the Christ in them? When you do even one thing to make someone’s life easier and more pleasant today, you do it to Christ, and that is what sainthood is all about.

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Dr. Gregory and Lisa Popcak

Dr. Gregory and Lisa Popcak are nationally recognized experts in Catholic marriage and family counseling, and authors of Beyond the Birds and Bees. Their Pastoral Solutions Institute. and daily, nationally syndicated Catholic radio broadcast "More2Life" has ministered to thousands of families through their practical application of Theology of the Body principles.

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  • Nona Po

    I heard a priest said that we don’t have “to go out and look
    for sacrifices “ to please the Lord. They
    can be found in our daily lives. ..Yes, challenges can often be frustrating
    especially when I can only see the “ego” of another coming uppermost. But when I look within myself, I also see my
    own pride and when pride clashes with another pride, it usually ends up in
    friction. I just try to be aware of this
    and try to control my bad reaction. When
    I try to love, grace begins to work and the bad feeling slowly dissipates.
    When I become open to what the Lord wants me to learn at the moment, light
    enters. What a relief that I did not open my mouth to say something that would hurt another! May the Lord continue to steer us toward harmonious relationship.

  • Terry

    I can listen patiently when my mother who has dementia asks the same question or makes the same statement multiple times within 5 minutes or less!

  • Marlene R

    I loved this message. So reassuring. I do often get up a little early to make coffee for my husband…I never thought too much about it…until today. This little message has filled my heart with joy.

  • Gaylene

    Ditto to Terry’s comment and add a smile.

  • Colleen

    Loved this article-as Mother Teresa says Being a Saint is not the Luxury of the few, but the common duty to all…..I want to be a saint!!!!!!

  • J&D

    Ditto to all comments! We have 82yr old sister with Alz we care for and 18 grandchildren to love – God’s way of asking us to bring HIMSELF to all! It is in the every-day living we can love and care for all God’s children! Thank you for this site and your good efforts!

  • JJ

    I think it has a lot to do with simply being fully present to people around me in the moment, doesn’t it?

  • Marie

    This is a good message It took me along time to realize and say to myself “I WANT TO BE A SAINT” I thought that would be pompous or arrogant. Now after learning that the Saints were ordinary people with troubles and fears also like us; who changed only when they agreed to turn their hearts & desires to Gods’ WILL & ” THINK LESS of

    themselves” & depend on HIM for guidance, grace,strength,& understanding. All we need is prayer, prayer,prayer, and FAITH. I can only hope to make it to heaven.
    Wish I could listen to you both on radio, do you have a web site where I could listen? I am a fan of yours back when you were on Relavant Radio
    Happy to see you are still going strong: God is in you and working through you both.

  • Mandi

    consecrating myself to Mary is what I did not too long ago, I read the 33 days of morning glory, that is the fast way to become a saint! I’ve grown so much in the last few months since I’ve turned over a new leaf! I am happy to say that I am working hard than ever in my entire life in bringing others in to join with me to learn more about God, scripture reading, going to church, live with new found faith, love and trust in God!! I’ve never felt so much blessings from God after I’ve consecrated myself to Blessed Mother!