Comprehensive and systematic, the following faith formation programs explore the core elements of the Catholic Faith in compelling and exciting ways.

Hundreds of thousands have already gone through these studies and have grown in their understanding and ability to communicate and live the Catholic Faith.

Whether it is energizing your parish, school, home, or needing to implement a program across an entire diocese, our faith formation programs are some of the most trusted and effective systems available in the Church today.

Review any faith formation program for your parish or diocese during the Year of Faith without any risk or obligation.

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Catholic Bible Study

The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study is changing the way that ordinary Catholics relate to Scripture.

Parishes around the world are finding renewed faith and increased involvement among parishioners whose lives have been changed by this exciting study series.

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Theology of the Body

The Theology of the Body is John Paul II’s revolutionary message about the beauty and dignity of being human, male and female.

Discover the meaning of your life, how to answer your unique call to greatness, and find your path to happiness.

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Catholic Church History

Epic: A Journey Through Church History is a masterful, sweeping series on the history of the Catholic Church. It is a drama filled with adventure, triumph, tragedy, saints and sinners.

As inheritors of this great civilization we have an obligation to preserve and hand-on our heritage. To do this, we must first know it.

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Pillars: A Journey through the Catechism is a systematic guide to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Using the Catechism’s structure, the study divides the program into four sections: The Creed, The Sacraments, the Moral Life, and Christian Prayer.

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The Mass

In A Biblical Walk Through the Mass you will come to know and understand the Mass like never before. See, perhaps for the first time, why we say what we say, and do what we do as Catholics. The words and gestures will be seen in a new light, leading to a richer, more fruitful worship experience.

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Life Application

Walking Toward Eternity: Daring to Walk the Walk is a study that shows how to put our Catholic faith into practice through prayer and action. The result is real, often profound change occurring in people’s lives as they begin living as God intended them to.

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