Do You Dare to Follow?

Early in my journey of faith as a young Mormon missionary, I remember praying: “Heavenly Father, all I want is the truth

Faith is Love in Action

One of the first things God convicted me of when I came to faith in Christ was the hatred that I had harbored for my stepfather.

Living the Beatitudes: Session Ten

In our final session we conclude the blessings with a call to courage as we are confronted with another paradoxical beatitude, “Blessed are those who are persecuted.”

Living the Beatitudes: Session Nine

In Session Nine we will explore how we can awaken Christ’s peace within us, and become peacemakers ourselves. While peace seems to be one of those unachievable realities in

Living the Beatitudes: Session Eight

In Session Eight we will reflect on a different way of embracing Jesus’ invitation to us in the sixth beatitude. Many who first read “blessed are the pure of heart” are immediately discouraged wrongly believing

Living the Beatitudes: Session Seven

In Session Seven we reflect on the marvelous mercy of God that is at the heart of Sacred Scripture. This is an invitation to become messengers of mercy and heralds of hope to a world that is longing to see the face, hands, and heart of Jesus.

Living the Beatitudes: Session Six

In Session Six we explore the invitation to truly hunger and thirst after righteousness. We find in this beatitude not only a call to bring righteousness and justice to the world but to also


Learning to detach from our preoccupation with having things our way, and letting God have things his way in our lives, doesn’t mean we will always get our way, but it does mean that we will rise in freedom

Living the Beatitudes: Session Five

In Session Five we unpack the meaning of meekness in the Christian tradition, and discover it’s anything but weakness. We will learn not only what meekness means, but how to practice meekness in the ordinary events of our life.

Living the Beatitudes: Session Four

Just getting started? Review what you’ve missed. In Session Four we discover that even mourning can be the means of entering into the blessing of the Lord. We will explore the two primary kinds of mourning we experience and how they can both … Continued