Where is Jesus Today?

It is at times like these that the Church herself answers for us—with a song. Her sweet clear voice cuts through the cold and the dark as she sings: Alleluia

Sometimes It Hurts Too Much to Pray

When I tried to pray that day, I was distressed to discover that I had no words. I could not even choke out the “no” I wanted so badly to say to God’s plan

More of You

That night at adoration, kneeling before the King of Kings with my mind and heart full of this world’s complicated wants and worries, I begged him for more.

Where God Put Me

I was looking in other people’s pastures, and they were looking pretty green.

Supplementing Faith

The same Christ who walked the earth, who healed the sick, who bled on the cross, and who rose from the dead is truly present among us.

Small in the Hand

He who sees all and knows all is with us even in our tiny trials.