Where is Jesus Today?

It is at times like these that the Church herself answers for us—with a song. Her sweet clear voice cuts through the cold and the dark as she sings: Alleluia

The Rabbi-Disciple Relationship: Part 1

As the Year of Faith draws to a close, It’s time to examine our lives and to ask ourselves, where are we at with our faith? Are we followers of Christ, or fans?

Boldness and Humility of Faith

The Lord looks at her and acknowledges the boldness and humility of her faith, and because of it, twelve years of suffering are gone in an instant

What God Wants of Us

Faith is as much about what we do not see – about the prayers that go unanswered – as it is about receiving the miracle we asked for

Do You Dare to Follow?

Early in my journey of faith as a young Mormon missionary, I remember praying: “Heavenly Father, all I want is the truth

God’s Got Your Back

Each time we turn to God when we are in trouble, we experience a double blessing: the need that God meets for us, and the lesson that comes from it